Sunday, February 15, 2015

Life Tips

So today I was just really bored I didn't really have much to do really so I searched "What to do when bored" and after I searched I was thinking "Why don't I give other people things to do when bored.. I do have a blog." So that is what I am doing now! So to sum it all up I am going to give you Life Tips I have learned if you need them!! 

What to do when bored:
  • Take a shower- Your going to need to take one anyways and plus it leaves you feeling fresh and clean. You have the time so why not?! :) 
  • Organize your book bag- Organizing your book bag is a good way to spend your time and for me it really helps me if I need something when I might not find it in a UN-organized book bag when I can if it is organized. 
  • Practice school work- If you have anything that you need to get done that you said you would do later or something like that, why not work on it, or if you had a subject you didn't understand study. 
  • Watch You Tube- This one might be my favorite!
  • Watch Netflix- If you have a movie that you have wanted to see now is that time!!
  • Do your nails- This one is one that I pretty much never have time for and don't really think about doing but sometimes its OK to pamper your self. 
  • Take a nap- This one is good for a Sunday after noon because you have school the next day and with that extra energy you wont be so tired going to school and that's going to help you learn. 
  • Go shopping- You might not be able to do this one but if your with your friends and your parents are willing to take you some where this one would be a great one to do. 
  • Play with your pets- If you have pets playing with them or taking care of them would be a great way to tell your pets you love them and you could even earn some parent points depending on what you do. 
  • Try things out with your make up- I know some people wont be able to do this one but if you do have make up sometimes I just like to go through all of my beauty projects and just try them all out and things like that. 
  • Practice a sport- If you play a sport go and practice playing that sport. 

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