Saturday, February 14, 2015

Special Events

On this page I am just going to talk about anything major that has happened lately. It may be Holiday's or Birthdays who knows!!

February 14, 2015:
Today was Valentines Day and some of you may know that I have a slight addiction to EOS lip balms, and for Valentines day I got two new EOS and I was so exited because the two I got are two that I have wanted for a very long time so I was so exited to get them!! I also got a new charm for my Pandora bracelet and I also love hot chocolate so my parents got me packets of hot chocolate to make. Over all it was a great Valentines day and i hope yours was great also!
February 15, 2015:
Okay so nothing really happened today but what I wanted to talk about something that will be happening soon. So for Christmas a couple days later after Christmas my parents brang this box down, and this box is a very special box because last year I got my phone in this box and so I kinda now that something that I would want to remember type thing I don't know anyways, so this is a special box and so I open the box and in side the box were like more presents ( you know like the paper stuff not raping paper but what ever) anyways so the first one I pick up my Mom and Dad said "You might want to open that one last." So that's what I did and so inside the box with the other presents and I open all the other presents. All the other presents were like books and guides and different things that are related to things in Europe. So once I had opened all the other presents my mom and dad said go ahead and open that last present and so that's what I did. Inside the last present was tickets and hotel room reservations! So it turns out that over spring break my family is going to fly to London, go down to Brussels then go down to Amsterdam and then end the trip and then end our trip in Paris where I am going to meet  up with my Great Aunt (Aunt Pat). The trip is going to be a 14 days long. I am so exited and I'm sure all talk about the trip when I get back. I don't go till spring break so I have a little while but it will be here sooner than later.

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