Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Life

Hi my name is Madelyn and I'm going to tell you about my life. I'm in Middle School and this year I made the middle school volleyball team. I have played volleyball for four or five years now. I am a hitter and if you don't know what a hitter it is the person that you see near the front of the net that jumps up on the third hit and is the one who hits the ball over hard. I have a page about volleyball so you can get more information about it over there on that page.

I have two dogs named Bailey and Hannah. I have another page about them so if you want to go read it that would be great!

I spend most of my time playing/practicing volleyball. Volleyball is a very big part of my life for sure. Its a true passion of mine and its my favorite thing in the world!! 

Other than playing volleyball i like watching You Tube. I am planning to start a channel sooner or later. I have wanted to have one for a while now but I'm just now getting into the idea of really having one. I don't really know what I will put on my channel but I'm thinking that my whole channel will be like a every thing channel and by that i mean not just having this as my main focus or that as my main focus, i think that ill just do it all!! So my channel will have hair tips, makeup tips, DIY's.. everything. But right now i don't even know if I'm going to have the channel. Ill let people know when I'm going to start it but that's my idea right now. 

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