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I had talked about volleyball on another page of my blog and so I thought that I should do a page about volleyball for people who don't much about the sport. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything I talked about. I'm going to try my best to explain what volleyball is all about and I'm very sorry if I cant explain it well enough... Volleyball is hard to explain without showing someone how to do it in person. 

Volleyball is my favorite sport of all time! I have been playing volleyball for over four years. I have learned a lot about volleyball over the time I have played and I hope to share what I know with you! Volleyball can be very hard at times to learn and get down right and i'll say it over and over again just keep practicing. Rec are great for starters and can help you learn the basic skills. I hope you enjoy this page about volleyball and love it as much as I do and start playing! 

One of the very first things that you have to learn and know how to do is calling the ball. Calling the volleyball is one of the key things to know. Calling the ball is to let your team mates know that your going for the ball and that you wan to get it. If people didn't call the ball everyone would run into each other and people(team mates) will think "Ok shes going to get the ball" and you might be thinking the same thing and then you both watch the ball drop to the floor and that's not good. So when you call the ball it's a simple skill but it's a very needed skill to have. So calling the ball is what its sounds like. When you want to get the ball or play the ball you "call" it. So you might be thinking is there things to say... Yes and no. Most people say "Mine", "I got it", or something like that but you can really say anything you want to, the point is to let the other know who is getting the ball. Even thought its seems easy.. this set always gets skipped and forgotten a lot. So every time you want to go get the ball, the first you thing you need to call the ball and after that your ready to make the play.  

The first step to playing volleyball is learning how to bump. This may not make as much since just because i can't show you but i will try my best to explain it, if you have any questions just ask me. So when you do a bump you have to get in a ready position. The ready positions is when you have your legs spread shoulder length apart, you don't want you feet in ward but you don't want them to outward to just slant your feet a little, then have your hands out not hanging down but not super stiff just have your hands in front and relaxed. Now when the ball is coming to you you're going to actually bump the ball the other position is just when you are waiting for the ball to come over the net,so when the ball is coming over the net you have two oppositions on how to put your hands. You can either lay your hands together and put your thumbs on top of your hands or you can cup up on hand and wrap your other hand around and put your thumbs on the top of your hands. Once you do that to your hand you let the ball bounce of your arms. You just want to lift your arms up a little but not too much. Learning to bump is hard at first but with some practice you can do it!

So now that you know how to bump a volleyball it time to do the second step, setting a volleyball. Setting a volleyball can be hard and confusing but with practice it can be fun and a useful tool. When you set a volleyball you put your hand on the top of your head. To get the idea a cool thing to do that I learned is, to put your hands like moose ears and lift them up a little and curve them to the shape of the ball and tilt them in so that if you let the ball slip through your hands and hit your nose. When you set the ball you only want your finger tips to touch the ball you don' t want to slap at it, you want to make as little noise as possible.  So you almost flick it with your fingers and push your arms up very quickly. You cant hold the ball it has to be sort of fast. Setting is a very hard skill to learn and it might hurt your fingers at first but with a whole whole lot of practice and you can do it! 


The last step of the process is hitting or spiking a volleyball. Hitting is my favorite thing to do in volleyball! I am a hitter for the Neuse Charter Middle School volleyball team and this is what I do so this is my favorite thing to do! Hitting a volleyball is hard and it has many steps you have to have to get a perfect spike so you have to pay attention to every detail. So when you are hitting a volleyball the first thing to do is your foot movement. You start with your right foot in front of you and if you are left handed every thing is opposite for you so you start with your right foot in front and go left, right, left the first step is slow and the last two are fast. When you do the  first step you are facing the net and then turn your right foot the other way bring the left foot and do the same thing and jump up and when you are in the air you make your hands like a bow and arrow. On one of your arms you put your hand by your ear and your other arm is all the way out. This part is a little hard to explain because i cant show you but if you watch the video (that's down below) what I'm saying might make more since. But once you do the bow and arrow you use the hand is strait out and you point that hand to the ball to guide you when you hit the ball. You use the hand that was by your ear and with all the strength you can hit the ball. Hitting is a very hard skill to learn and to do, but with a lot of practice it gets easier and easier.

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