Saturday, February 14, 2015

My two dogs

I have two dogs named Hannah and Bailey. Hannah is the dog that I have had the longest, I got her for my 4th Christmas. She is a Bichon Frises (Be-shuan Fre-zay) which if you don't know is kind of like a poodle with a longer tall and the hair on its tail is longer, you can look it up and you'll see what I mean. I don't remember exactly what happened when I got her because I was like four but it was Christmas and my parents came home and said Santa told us to pick this present up and you can open it up, so I when over to the present and there was something moving in the box. I opened the box and there Hannah was! I was so exited I was jumping of the walls. I remeber on the night that I got her i song her to sleep. Shes been a great dog and shes is the sweetest little thing you will ever meet. If you ever think about getting a Bichon or thinking about getting a dog at all get a Bichon, they are great pets!!!!  I got my other dog Bailey at the beginning of this school year (around when volleyball season started), the weird thing is that my best friend who was on the volleyball team actually had her before my family did. Her family were looking for a girl dog because they already had a boy dog. So they went shopping for a dog and came back with two dogs! Those two dogs were Bailey and her brother. The decided they could only keep one of the dogs and they decided to keep Baileys brother named Zac. When I heard they were going to give Bailey back to her owner who sold her to my friends I was really sad. I had seen Bailey and I had feel in LOVE with her!!! I asked my mom about her because my family had kind of thought about getting another dog and surprising she said that my parents would think about it. I was so surprised, me and my friend were hoping that we would not have to separate Bailey and Zac because they decided that they where going to keep Zac but not Bailey. We wanted to no separate them because Zac and Bailey were very close and they still are. So my parents talked about it and with a lot of thinking they said yes. We went to go get Bailey from my friends house at we are all really sad but we get in the car and I had Bailey in my lap and she was sleeping and we got her home and she was really nervous because she had never really known my family that well so she was really scared and Bailey meet Hannah and at first I don't think they really liked each other because Hannah had kind of always been the leader of the house so when this random new dog came in she was kid of like ".. No" and so it took a little while for Hannah to get used to having a new dog around the house and she found out that another dog in the house means another friend to play with. Now they are dud's and Bailey and Zac still see each other.

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